Cumbria Council have an article on their website with misleading and inaccurate information on ragwort. it says "Common ragwort is a plant that is dangerous to livestock which eats it, as it causes liver damage."

This is true but all the evidence says poisoning is rare. See How poisonous is ragwort

It says "All land managers are under a duty to control this plant if it grows on their land,"

This is false. There is no automatic duty to control ragwort.

This is a briefing on Ragwort law and these are the two Acts of Parliament that mention it. Weeds Act 1959. and The Ragwort Control Act

It says " as the parachute seeds can be carried on the wind for considerable distances and contaminate pastureland."

Ragwort seeds are windblown but detailed research has shown that they normally only travel a matter of metres from the parent plant. See Ragwort seed dispersal