Suffolk council has misleading and incorrect information on its website.

It says "The Weeds Act 1959 lists a number of weeds that can be harmful to human or animal health. These are known as noxious weeds."

This is not true. The weeds act does not cover weeds that are harmful to human or animal heath and does not call them "Noxious weeds". It uses the term injurious weeds and this means weeds that are harmful to the interests of agriculture. Most of them are not poisonous and some may even be edible.

They continue, "It places a duty on controllers of land to remove the following scheduled weeds from their land to prevent seeds contaminating their neighbours' land:"

This is also not true. None of the legislation places any automatic obligation on controllers of land to control ragwort. See Ragwort Law for a briefing and Ragwort Control Act for the other piece of legislation.

It is also the case that the seeds do not normally spread more than some metres from the parent plant. See Ragwort seed dispersal