Warwickshire Council is one of the worst culprits for distributing misinformation on ragwort. They have a website and a leaflet about "Operation Ragwort" with an email address and a phone number.

The webpage says "Remember you have a legal obligation to stop the weed spreading." This is clearly incorrect. See Ragwort law

The leaflet repeats this error
"It is an offence to allow ragwort to spread from your land. " and goes on to scare people with the human poisoning story "Care should be taken by individuals removing ragwort as it is likely the toxins in the plant can be dangerous to humans too, and be absorbed through the skin.

Ragwort is not a poison of any consequence to humans and the evidence found by the experts does not show that the plant poses any serious risk to people. This skin absorption poisoning story does not stand up to examination in the face of the evidence.